They attack only when they think you’re weak. 

Show them you have a strong guard. 

Having OhMyGaurd on your body is like being surrounded by your personal invisible Z+ security. Even if nobody can see it, the dogs on the road will feel its presence and stay away.

Animals can smell fear. 

But you’ll have no reason to be afraid. 

We fear a situation when we think we’re alone and vulnerable. But with OhMyGuard hanging by your side, you’ll have nothing to be afraid of. The dogs will respect your boundaries. 

Sometimes running away is not an option. 

Don’t let it come to that. 

You can’t be on guard every second you stay out of your house. That’s why you need OhMyGuard by your side. Rest assured, every dog on the road will maintain their distance from you. . 

  • OhMyGuard has been a lifesaver! I live in a neighbourhood with lots of stray dogs, and it was becoming a real issue. Since I started using it, I’ve stopped being scared of the dogs. I'll recommend it to anyone facing the problems!

    Amit Karwasra

  • I was sceptical at first, but OhMyGuard really works! Bought it because I desperately needed something for my son when he goes to his school or play in the park. So glad I did. Happy with the performance. Happy with the quality. Happy with the service.

    Neha Sharma


  • Amazing product! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. And it works. What I like about OhMyGuard is that it keeps dogs away without harming them, which is very important to me. The battery lasts really long and charges fast. I can finally enjoy my morning walks without the constant fear of a dog attacking.

    Jaya Pandey